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Pin up your modules and get better help (August 2023)
The Summer of Mobile Love (July 2023)
Download Modules as PDFs, Advisor-managed Groups (June 2023)
Saving You Clicks (Apr 2023 Part 2)
Add evidence from your pocket (Apr 2023)
Finalized now truly equals Complete (Dec 2022)
Complete and Assess Tasks Without Evidence (Nov 2022)
Simpler, Faster Evidence Review and Assessment (Sep 2022)
Some more small but often requested tweaks (Aug 2022 Part 1)
Handy Admin Enhancements (Aug 2022 Part 2)
Bug fixes and tweaks! (July 2022)
View More/Do More In The Activity Feed (June 2022)
View Past Assessments Inline (May 2022)
Task Inbox + Guardian Portal + Google Improvements (Apr 2022)
Learner "All Tasks" Workflow View now available (Feb 2022)
Joinable Experiences (Jan 2022)