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Oct 19, 2018 - Activity Feeds! (and other helpful updates)
Oct 19, 2018 - Activity Feeds! (and other helpful updates)
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Activity Feeds

As of this release, you now can view activity feeds for a module and for a student.  This allows any you to see what a student has done or what updates have been made in a module for any given time period. 

You can also see summary states such as time logged and # of evidence submissions for the time period.  More helpful activity stats and charts to come in future releases as well!

Student Activity Feed

Module Activity Feed

Presets for all date filters

Now, wherever you can select a date range, we provide some helpful presets like Today, This Week, This Month, etc. so you don't need to fiddle with a calendar controls all the time:

Other changes in this release

  • IMPROVED: Tweaked evidence view when no attachments or time is recorded

  • IMPROVED: Defaults for module listing filters - Modules that are complete now filtered out by default

  • ADDED: There is now Next/Previous buttons on task evidence so advisor can easily scan through evidence for all participants in a module

  • FIXED: A bug where sometimes task columns could not be deleted

  • FIXED: Issue preventing decimals to be included in values behind letter grades

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