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Task Inbox + Guardian Portal + Google Improvements (Apr 2022)
Task Inbox + Guardian Portal + Google Improvements (Apr 2022)
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Task Inbox for All

Task Inbox gives advisors a central place to review, provide feedback and assess all evidence submitted by learners.

To learn more, visit our Advisor Task Inbox help center article.

Guardian Portal

Introducing the new Guardian Portal! As of this release, schools can now create read-only accounts for parents & guardians of students.

Looking to roll out Guardian accounts to parents? Feel free to reach out to us via the support chat. We'll be happy to talk you through the whole thing and discuss strategies for an effective rollout.

Google Permissions Improvements - advanced permission management now available

We continue to work hard to ensure Google integration is as seamless as possible. This release includes a couple of key improvements in this regard:

  • Google link pasting and automatic sharing have been levelled up to reduce errors and confusion

  • When Google Drive files are submitted as evidence, schools now have more options for who it is shared with, including allowing "Anyone in the domain with the link". This means a lot less requesting for permissions in many cases!

Other Admin improvements:

This release also includes a few subtle but helpful improvements to user management, including:

  • More streamlined interactions creating and editing users

  • Admins now get a preview of user invite emails before they go out

  • Passwords are now optional for user imports (meaning admins don't need to generate passwords when using Headrush's email invites)


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