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A Better View For Students, Better Conversations for Advisors (June 2020)
A Better View For Students, Better Conversations for Advisors (June 2020)

Announcing our new Learner Dashboard and Advisor Learner Browser!

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A totally new dashboard home page for students is now live. This bring the formative work from all student- and teacher-led experiences together into one place so students can more easily see and manage what's on their plate:

From this page, students can:

  • View tasks from all modules in one page

  • Schedule and edit any tasks part of their student created and managed modules

  • Quickly view all currently active modules and key info for each such as timeframe and total time logged

  • View activity from across all active modules so students and quickly see what's new and updated as soon as they log in.

Better, Faster Navigation for Advisors

Not only is all of what is described above quickly at an advisor's finger tips, so it ALL of what students can see. Making it easier (and quicker) than ever to see what's on your students' plates and enable more meaningful conversations about progress and prioritization.

We have improved navigation to let advisors scan through students quickly or jump straight to what they need to look at now:

We hope this release brings us ever closer to our ongoing goal of making the learner process more visible and transparent for students and advisors alike.

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