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Add evidence from your pocket (Apr 2023)
Add evidence from your pocket (Apr 2023)

Starting the long-awaited release of mobile Headrush, now students can work with tasks and evidence on the go.

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What's in this update

Headrush on Mobile, Workflow View for Students

The idea of giving students and advisors more freedom—to capture evidence on the go, or check in on student progress from anywhere—is a key part of our value of liberating learning and has always been on our development roadmap. It is also a frequent feature request, especially from students.

To be perfectly honest, when we began, we didn't think it would be 2023 before we'd be able to deliver Headrush-on-the-go! Working in collaboration with our schools, other priorities have consistently taken over but... alas... here we are now with the first of many mobile-friendly updates!

This update is focused mainly on the student experience of managing and submitting their tasks and evidence in Headrush more easily from a phone or tablet. Specifically, when accessing Headrush on a mobile device, students will be shown the new mobile-optimized Workflow view that will allow them to:

  • View all their To Do, In Progress, Submitted, Needs Review, and Completed tasks, swiping between statuses

  • Submit evidence directly from a camera, or share from the device

  • Add an evidence note or time log

  • Have discussions and post comments on tasks

Try Headrush on your phone -- open a browser and enter the address of your school's Headrush site.

Better Desktop Mode On Mobile for both Students and Advisors

If you ever tried to use Headrush on your phone, you probably noticed it wasn't quite working. We have also on making the full desktop experience possible for everyone on the go--just be ready to scroll 😉.

What's next for Headrush on Mobile? We're working hard on bringing more of Headrush to mobile, starting with:

  • More mobile support for advisors

  • Search for a task

  • Capture evidence not yet related to a task

  • Browse and join available modules on the go

Stay tuned for more mobile-friendly updates!

See more in My Modules and the Warehouse

See more modules on the screen when browsing My Modules or the Warehouse.

Save a Module as a PDF

Share your module ideas and designs with your colleagues or others, or provide a resource for a student without ready access to a computer. Now, in one click, share the module's content -- the overview, columns, and tasks with their descriptions -- organized as a PDF document with clickable links back into Headrush or external resources. [Download a sample PDF]

Integration support with Headrush API

Behind the scenes our development team have been working hard on implementing a GraphQL API for Headrush. This will enable us to create new reports and views more quickly, and forms the foundation for integrating Headrush with external tools. If you are interested in building an integration, please get in touch with us.

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