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Go straight to Feedback and Assessment (January 2024)
Go straight to Feedback and Assessment (January 2024)

As a learner, find the tasks with feedback for you; as an advisor, find the tasks with new evidence for you to review.

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What's in this update

Redesigned Task Cards for Quicker Feedback

Headrush has long been committed to building healthy feedback loops between learners and advisors. In this update, we have redesigned Task Cards to make it much more explicit:

For Learners

For Advisors

  • which tasks have feedback to review

  • which tasks need review before submitting

  • which tasks have been assessed

  • what has been seen or not seen

  • which tasks have new evidence submitted

  • which tasks need review

  • which tasks do not need attention

  • what has been seen or not seen

One click to feedback

Clear next actions on all tasks

Track what is seen and unseen; just follow the red dot (🔴)


Now Live



The Red Dot 🔴 makes what’s read and unread more clear

A big part of this update was keeping track of what learners and advisors have seen, so we can communicate if something is unread. Now, look for the red dot on task cards, and inside the open task card, to better see what’s read and unread. Click to be taken straight to the new information.

Customize Task Card Covers

Click Customize Cover to control the thumbnail image and text on the cover of Task Cards everywhere they appear. Also, the text on the card cover is now hidden by default. Learn more about how to customize covers

Coming Soon

Sort and search for task discussions!

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