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New Warehouse and Other Improvements
New Warehouse and Other Improvements

Announcing new Warehouse categories plus enhanced sorting and filtering

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Build Your Project Library with the New Warehouse!

Up until now, the Warehouse in Headrush has been an all-or-nothing affair.  Either you made all modules accessible to all students or you could disable the Warehouse for students altogether.  Our vision for the Warehouse is one where a school can develop a library of repeatable template, showcase or starter projects based on best practices. So starting today, schools will have a lot more options for sorting, filtering, and managing modules in their Warehouse.

Watch the Warehouse Demo:

Some highlights include the ability to:

  • Ability for admins and advisors to decide what goes into the Warehouse and what doesn't

  • Organize modules in the Warehouse into categories (managed by admin)

  • Better sorting options (no more seemingly random sorting of modules!)

  • Filter by tag and by learning target

We believe these updates will significantly increase the usefulness and impact of the Warehouse.  In addition, this update also paves the way for our eventual goal of having a Headrush-wide warehouse where schools can share and trade their best project ideas with other Headrush schools!

For Admins

There are a few important Warehouse settings to be aware of as a Headrush Admin.  

Watch the Admin Demo:

Also In Case You Missed It

We have also completed several minor updates to the platform in the past few months.  In case you missed it, here are some highlights:

  • Advisors with more than one advisor group can filter My Students accordingly

  • Huge performance increase on the target dashboard for schools with many learning targets 

  • Showing in-progress targets on the Learning Target dashboard

  • Ability to sort the evidence table in a task

  • Batch Reporting!  Giving advisors and admins ability to download reports and transcripts for groups of students at once

  • [Admin] Ability to change display of student names to "Last Name, First Name" system-wide

  • [Admin] Added billing page to make billing timeline and amount clear

  • [Admin] New Target Usage report to view how learning targets are being used across your school

  • [Admin] Update to increase capabilities for both custom reports and custom Modules

  • Many bug fixes too!

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