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Mar 13 2019 - Activity Summary and Evidence Enhancements
Mar 13 2019 - Activity Summary and Evidence Enhancements
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The updates included in today's release all have one thing in common: They were all a direct result of user feedback and feature requests! πŸ‘

The input we receive from our students and teachers is invaluable to us. It helps us to learn, guide and prioritize our development efforts. So thank you and keep it coming! 😍

Advisors can now add/edit evidence on their advisees' behalf

A feature that has been requested often since we launched is to give advisors the ability to add/edit evidence submissions for their advisees. As of today, this is possible! Advisors can edit existing evidence or add new evidence to any task. Advisors of a module can do this for all students that are participating in the module. In addition, advisors can add evidence for any of their advisees regardless of whether or not they are an advisor on the module.Β 

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Student activity dashboard now shows breakdown by project

A feature requested often by students is the ability see their daily/weekly activity broken down by project. Now students and advisors can get better insight into where time and effort is being focused:

This change is only the start of a large number of improvements we have in mind to help students better plan, track and demonstrate their efforts.

Students Can Now Change the Date for Evidence/Time Submissions

In a student-led project, often evidence and/or time is submitted later than when the actual work was done which can throw off daily activity summaries. Now, the date associated with an evidence submission can be changed accordingly. The activity summary above will reflect the evidence date chosen. All evidence submitted is still timestamped and recorded so advisors can still see exactly when work was submitted.

We hope these updates will make the day-to-day of learner-centric PBL a little bit easier.Β 

Happy trails,
The Headrush Team

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