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New Release: More "under the hood" work (Nov 2019)
New Release: More "under the hood" work (Nov 2019)
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You'll notice some new styling on the status for Modules...ย 

This is just a small part of some fundamental changes we've been making to how module statuses and their workflows associated will. We are paving the way for some much needed new module statuses and some further tailoring of module workflows...stay tuned for more!

Some other fixes and enhancements in this release:

  • A message will now be clearly displayed if connection is lost for any reason (e.g. a network issue) so you'll know when your changes are not being saved

  • Now displaying the School name and logo on the Headrush login screen - helping our users ensure they are logging into the right school! ย ๐Ÿ‘

  • (Improved) Editing evidence now generates an entry in the activity feed

  • (Fixed) Learning target search working again

  • (Fixed) An issue causing student "Last Login" to always say Never.

  • Many other bug fixes! ย 

Thanks to those of your who take the time to send in feedback! ย It helps us make Headrush better for everyone.

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