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Complete and Assess Tasks Without Evidence (Nov 2022)
Complete and Assess Tasks Without Evidence (Nov 2022)
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When running an advisors-led module, there are plenty of scenarios where advisors want to track whether a learner has completed a task that doesn't necessarily have any evidence that can be uploaded. For example, you may want to record that a learner has participated in a class discussion and perhaps even assess some related learning targets. Up until now, Headrush would not allow moving a learner's task status to Submitted or Complete without evidence first being added. Well, with today's release, that changes!

Advisors now have full control over a learner's task status and are able to mark it as Submitted, Needs Review or Complete without any evidence.

You can also assess and provide feedback without any evidence:

This release also includes a few tweaks and bug fixes:

  • The Send Reminder button now shows properly when there are learners in either To Do or In Progress

  • Fixed an issue preventing someone that is both an advisor and a guardian from dragging tasks in the Workflow view

  • Fixed an issue that prevented PDFs uploaded with special characters in the filename uploaded from displaying correctly

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