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Introducing Task Workflows + more (July 2021)
Introducing Task Workflows + more (July 2021)

Learn more about task workflows, connecting tasks to learning targets and adding target scale descriptors included in this release.

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Introducing Task Workflows

Capturing authentic evidence of learning and providing feedback to learners is a foundation of Headrush. Learners have always been able to submit evidence into tasks, so that evidence could be reviewed and assessed by the advisor. However, keeping track of what evidence a learner was currently working on, what needed revising and what is considered complete wasnโ€™t always easy. With the new release of Task Workflows in Headrush, Learners and Advisors have a much more streamlined way to manage the lifecycle of task, evidence and feedback.

For all the juicy details on Task Workflows, also check out our Task Workflow tutorial.

Task Assessment Part 1 - Connecting tasks to learning targets

To date, assessment in Headrush has been focused on module level assessment to act as the summative assessment for a seminar or project, for example. However, often requested by our advisors is to have the ability to assess tasks within the module directly. Well, this release delivers the first half of this: the ability to select and connect learning targets on the task level:

Part 2 of this โ€“ being able to assess a learner's evidence according to the chosen targets for a given task โ€“ will be coming very soon after, in early August 2021. More to come on this so stay tuned!

Target Scale Descriptors

When you need to provide more detail to learners and advisors what various assessment levels means a given learning targets, you can now include that detail inline via target scale descriptors:

Headrush Admins can add individual descriptors via the Admin area either manually or by importing a CSV.

And don't worry, we understand in many situations, it's a lot of effort to write and maintain those descriptors. So feel free to add the detail where and when you need to knowing, without it, everything continues to work as it did before. ๐Ÿ‘

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