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Now that you @mention it... better ways to communicate in Headrush (Early September 2020)
Now that you @mention it... better ways to communicate in Headrush (Early September 2020)

This release adds the ability to direct mention individuals or groups when commenting throughout the system.

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This release we’ve made it easier than ever to facilitate and focus communication. More specifically, we've:

  1. Added direct mentions in comments

  2. Expanded your options for choosing which starting page appears per role, and

  3. Improved a dozen or so subtleties to streamline your day-to-day

@Mentions Almost Everywhere

Now in Headrush, similar to any social media site, you can direct notify/tag a particular person (or group) by typing ‘@‘ within any comment field. When on a module, this list will be filtered to only respective members and you’ll have the option to notify by role. When a person is @mentioned, they will receive a notification and be brought directly to the conversation thread.

Mentions on a Task Discussion Example

Set Your Starting Page

Anyone with an Admin role can now can set the default start page for Learners and Advisors respectively. For example, if you want Learners to start at their ‘My Modules’ page, INSTEAD of their ‘Dashboard’ page, you can now do that (as well as a bunch of other start page options).

Starting Page Examples

The default can be set by anyone with an Admin role via the Global Settings:

Admin : Global Settings : Set Start Pages

Additionally, individuals can override this default with their own personal preference by editing that option on their Headrush profile:

An individual selecting Starting page option.

More easily add and move columns within a Task Board

We’ve added the option to add a column toe the left or right for a given column on a task board, making it easier to add/manage Task Boards or any size.

Task Board: Add column to left or right of an existing column

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Student Task status now appears on Learner Dashboard Calendar

  • If a person has less than four Modules, the advanced search will be collapsed/hidden by default.

  • FIXED: In some cases, copying a module with the status of 'Complete' caused an error.

  • FIXED: In some cases, when scrolling left to right on a Task Board > Evidence View, the scroll was jerky.

  • FIXED: When evidence is posted, the respective preview does not show in the activity feed.

  • FIXED: When viewing a notification from a group evidence submission and you were not the submitter, you received an error message.


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