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Credits & Grades + Google Integration improvements (Early March 2021)
Credits & Grades + Google Integration improvements (Early March 2021)
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NOTE: This is a gradual release being deployed from Mar 4 - Mar 12. Your site may not immediately reflect these changes.

Improved Google Integration

We've overhauled how your account connects with Google for a more consistent, friction-free experience. In addition to some under-the-hood, Headrush-Google hamster-wheel tuning :

  • You can now view/manage your connect to Google on the Profile page making it explicit whether your account is connected

  • Google Drive evidence submitted as a link will now automatically be recognized as a Google resource and shared with module advisors accordingly

These updates are also paving the way for some future Google goodness coming your way so stay tuned! πŸ‘

Graded Credit Improvements

For Headrush sites with Grading enabled:

  • Grades can now be applied to individually credits during assessment

  • Grade scale can now include pass/fail logic plus can be included or excluded from GPA calculations in reports

  • The student Credit Dashboard will now show grades and reflect pass/fail logic making for more accurate credit totals

  • Transferring in past credits and grade data can now be imported in bulk via spreadsheet. Contact Headrush Support for more details.

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