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Evidence running late? Remind your learners (late October 2020 update)
Evidence running late? Remind your learners (late October 2020 update)

See back in time with more clarity, send out task reminders, and a few other improvements

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This release includes a few tweaks and one feature youโ€™ll surely like to remember:

Quick Remind

It happens to all of us: the deadline is looming, and some learners have not submitted evidence. Now, when viewing the Evidence in a Task, Advisors have a one-click way to send a reminder to all Learners who have not yet submitted evidence to the task. Learners will be notified both in Headrush and via email, overriding their notification preferences.

Better Rewind Time

Sometimes knowing something was 3 months ago is good enough, while other times, having the exact date and time is much more useful. Now in several places we do a better job of giving your the specific date and time.

Better at Dating

  • Activity feed entries more than 30 days old will show the full date and time instead of '3 Months ago'

  • Activity Feed links no longer open a new tab

  • We now save the full audit trail of changes to Assessments so you can tell who changed what when issues arise

  • Better handle start and end date changes on the Module Overview

Other Improvements

  • A more friendly message will be displayed if browser settings or ad blockers are getting in way of Google integration. No more cryptic "Invalid API token" errors. ๐Ÿ‘

  • We can now change the default task board layout for custom module types. In other words, if when you start an empty module and you want it to start with a particular set of columns and tasks, this can be the case. - contact us to learn more or make a change!

  • A few other bug fixes and ongoing performance updates.


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