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Handy Admin Enhancements (Aug 2022 Part 2)
Handy Admin Enhancements (Aug 2022 Part 2)
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This time of year, Headrush admins everywhere are scrambling to import new students, deactivate former ones and create advisor groups. Now, these things can be done with imported spreadsheets, and new groups can be created while adding users. Here's how to:

Add/Update Advisor Groups from Spreadsheet Import

Create a spreadsheet with columns shown below to create new or update existing advisor groups in a batch.

Here's a quick demo of how it works:

Create Groups while adding users

You can now create new groups inline while adding or editing a user. Handy for quickly creating new users/groups on the fly:

Deactivate Staff and Learner Accounts by import

You can now deactivate former staff and student accounts via an import. Good for that end/start of year clean-up. To get started:

  1. Export all your users to a spreadsheet/CSVS

  2. Update the "deactivated" column to true for any account you wish to deactivate

  3. Export the spreadsheet as a CSV and the re-import.

Here it is all together:

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