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New Release: A More Complete Credit Dashboard (Sept 2019)
New Release: A More Complete Credit Dashboard (Sept 2019)

This release includes updates to Credit Learning Plans plus introduces printable dashboards and easy task duplication

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Credit Learning Plans Can Now Include Electives and "Required Courses" in Subject Area Requirements

In order to provide a more complete picture of requirements in a student's credit dashboard, we have now added the ability to add credit requirements such as:

 "3 credits of Science, at least one should be Physical Science"

In addition, you can now include any number of "elective" credits in the overall plan so the total # of credits a student is working towards is more accurate.

For admins: See the demo below for further details on how this works and how to set these new rules up:

Learning Targets and Credit Dashboard are now printable

Sometimes advisors and students just need to quickly print, or save as a PDF, the current state of a student's dashboard. This is useful for taking snapshots for an advisory discussion or parent interview for example. This is now possible via the student dashboard. The print view will capture whatever filters, date range or target group you have set at the time you click the Print button so you can customize what is displayed as needed!

Duplicate Tasks

You can now duplicate any task in a task board with one click, making it easier to build out a Task Board that has a repeating tasks, for example, multiple points of reflection.

And some smaller updates introduced in this release include...

  • Middle names can now be added to user records and, if specified, will show up on the student's transcript

  • Admins can now change a user's group membership right from the user's view

  • Various bug fixes

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