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All The Small Things (Late Apr 2021)
All The Small Things (Late Apr 2021)

This release was all about filling in those proverbial cracks and polishing off the edges.

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This release was all about filling in cracks and polishing off the preverbal edges.

Here's a summary of what we did:

  • Add an admin feature toggle to do choose whether or not to display grades on the credit dashboard

  • Updated the Start New Module dialog... now with 100% less finicky scrolling

  • Modules links now allow Open Link in New Tab, or CMD/CTRL+Click to work properly

  • Fixed bug that allowed a learner to edit evidence after their assessment was finalized

  • When performing an action on multiple users (such as disabling), the selection will now properly clear after the action is complete

  • "Clear All" button added to the learning target filter in the Warehouse to make it easier to deselect after choosing a bunch of targets to filter by

  • Speaking of the learning target filter, we added it to the My Modules page so you can now filter your own modules that way, not just in the Warehouse

  • Improved formatting of larger Google Drive embeds

  • Groups in the Students area are now sorted alphabetically instead of our previous magical sorting mechanism

  • It is now possible to copy column from a completed module

  • Evidence comments from the advisor or learner is now shown in the activity feed (for those that should see them anyways)

  • Student Activity feed now default to the "All" date range so you can always see the latest activity from a student no matter how long ago it was

  • AND clicking on the activity histogram in the student list will now take you to the last 7 days of activity so you can easily see where the histogram comes from

  • You can no longer accidentally put an empty column title on a task board

  • You can now more easily see what the module type for a module you're currently working on

  • For larger schools/organizations, we've added an option to limit users to only adding students and advisors that are also members of groups to which they already belong (as opposed to our default, fully transparent option)

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