Create Link to Copy Module

Do you like that trick to link to a copy of a Google doc? Well now you can do that with a Headrush module:

Login Message

Want to direct users to a registration process or internal tech support? Admins can now create a small, custom message to be displayed for all users on your login screen:

Remembering where you were

We're working hard to help you avoid repetitive clicks while navigating around. One of the ways we're doing this is to remember where you last were when as you click back and forth between views. This now includes remembering:

  • Your last used calendar view

  • Your last used date range while viewing the activity feed

Other fixes

  • [Fixed] The task assessment now does not show unless you have proper permissions to assess

  • [Fixed] Issue that caused advisors to sometimes not complete an assessed task

  • [Improved] Overall speed of Overview page and user selector when there are large number of users

  • [Fixed] Issue with task columns optimization preventing re-ordering

  • [Improved] Overall speed of the task board when there are large number of users and tasks

  • [Fixed] Weird issue where a learner's name sometimes showed up as "Unknown"

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