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Connected Modules (December 2023)
Connected Modules (December 2023)

Add modules to the task board to connect related learning experiences.

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Connect to other modules, right on the Task Board.

This feature helps answer many common questions about building modules in Headrush:

  • How to manage a project within a seminar?

  • How to group related team projects into one view?

  • How to relate a series of modules by a particular subject, theme, or timeframe?

Connected Modules is being released gradually to our schools. If you don't see the option yet, reach out us to find out when your school will get access.

Other bug fixes and updates in this release:

  • Filter by site and subsite in the user picker

  • Properly save unsaved feedback when feedback tray is closed

  • Misc. bug fixes related to Google Templates permissions

  • Speed up loading target sets in admin

  • New loader animations for associating Google Evidence templates

  • Guardians can now see all associated learners on first login

  • Target scales now remain visible when assessing tasks regardless of the number of targets associated

  • Target scales now have better abbreviations, to avoid "A, B, C, or D" from appearing to be grades when they are not

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