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Bug fixes and tweaks! (July 2022)
Bug fixes and tweaks! (July 2022)

A minor release to fill some cracks, smooth some edges and grease the wheels.

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This is a minor release to help fill some cracks, smooth some edges and grease the wheels. It includes:

  • [Added] While assessing multiple students on a module, you can now optionally append to the existing comment instead of overwriting it. Use this to share multiple general comments for all students as a module progresses. A confirmation will make clear whether you are appending or replacing the comment.

  • [Refined] When a learner is selecting learning targets on a self-directed module, the filter will default to All targets instead of just those that have not yet been assessed. They can still select "Not Assessed" if they want to narrow down the list.

  • [Fixed] While running the Student Credit Export or Student Credit Summary Export, you can once again specify a date range.

  • [Added] Learners who have tasks assessed or a module assessment finalized can no longer be removed from that module.

  • [Fixed] When copying a task from one module to another, any learning targets on that task will also be added to the destination module (important for overall assessment and reporting integrity)

  • [Fixed] For Admins, after completing a user import, the user list will automatically refresh and show the added/updated users (it was requiring a manual refresh for a little bit there 😳)

  • [Fixed] When filtering the credit dashboard by date, assessments one day earlier/later than the chosen date range are no longer included (minor, but better when trying to cross reference and be specific about credit amounts.)

  • [Fixed] Users that were both guardians and advisors were prevented from starting a new module. Sorry about that advisor/parents!

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