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New Release: Show me the evidence!
New Release: Show me the evidence!

This update is all about improving task evidence.

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This month's release was all about improving the submission, viewing and tracking of task evidence in a module.  Here are some exciting new changes for evidence!

🤯 Introducing Evidence View!

Now, all in one place, advisors and students can see all evidence notes, file and links and easily click through all the evidence detail of a given student It's like looking directly into the Matrix for projects: 

 In addition to the extra view on the task board, all task evidence submitted by a student will be accessible on their assessment page for the module. No need for two tabs and a lot of clicking back and forth during assessment time!  

👁 Thumbnails and Previews for Images, Videos and Google Docs

No more opening a new tab or needing to download a file to view and image or video posted as evidence.  Now, more will show inline giving you the chance to view evidence without leaving Headrush:

📸 Submit Evidence Directly from your Camera

Sometimes you want to take a quick snaphot of a document or other piece of work to submit as evidence. You can now do that directly from your device's camera:

Coming soon!  🎥 This addition paves the way for video recording as well!  Look for that in a release coming soon. (Think video reflection as evidence 👍)

And a few little extras...

As usual with this release, we've made some minor fixes and tweaks including:

  • Tweaked: Module learners can now delete their own task comments. Advisors and creators can delete any comment in within a module.

  • Fixed:  Learning target imports will now trim any extra white space at the end and beginning, preventing duplicate records from being created when one has a space at the end ,for example

  • Fixed: A bug where a delete module with assessments would cause discrepancies in credit counts

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