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New release: Module Workflows, two new statuses and more! (Dec 2019)
New release: Module Workflows, two new statuses and more! (Dec 2019)
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This release introduces two new module status:  Ready for Review and Ready to Assess.  In addition, you now have different "workflows" with different statuses and permission that you can apply to different modules types.

For more detail on how these Module Workflows work and how to enable them, check out the tutorial below:

In order to tighten permissions up a little more, along with the new module workflows and status changes, we've included a few more subtle changes:

  • Students can now only copy modules in the Warehouse or otherwise they have access to create, e.g. they not won't be able to copy a Teacher-led Project.

  • Modules with a status of Complete are now made view only by all members of that module.  You need to change back to Active or another status in order to make changes.

  • New quick way of selecting only one filter - no more needing to deselect everything

Two New Exports Available:  Module Completion and Student Credit

Continuing on our quest to make your data more portable and flexible, we have added two new CSV exports that can be run for any group of students, one centered around the Modules students have completed in a given time period and the other around the credits they've completed.

We hope these exports help when it comes to doing your own calculations or needing to enter this data into other systems such as your Student Information System.

As always, these reports can be tailored for your individual school's needs to reach out to us if you'd like to see different exports or additional data added to these existing exports. 

Other updates in this release include:

  • When running a batch report, you will now be notified if an error occurs so you aren't left wondering whether or not your report will be delivered to your inbox

  • Admins can now turn off the prompt to include a reason when re-opening an assessment

  • Scrolling on Task boards has been improved, especially for iPads.  NOTE:  To take full advantage, we recommend updating to iOS 13, the latest update from Apple as they have made some improvements to Safari that help with web applications like ours.

  • In rich text field, the link color now stands out more

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