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Simpler, Faster Evidence Review and Assessment (Sep 2022)
Simpler, Faster Evidence Review and Assessment (Sep 2022)

View learner evidence and assessments side-by-side, and assess multiple learners and projects more quickly

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We've spent the summer on a real overhaul of the evidence review and assessment loop, based on feedback we've received from many of you. Specifically, we eliminated clicks, made it easier to review a giant pile of evidence, and streamlined how feedback is given. Close more feedback loops with learners in less time, whether managing 24 learners on one project, or 24 students on 24 projects.

Here's a summary of what's new:

Expand the View

Expand tasks to nearly full screen to see more without scrolling. Do this first, to better enjoy al the new features below!

View evidence inline in native format

Evidence submitted as Photos, PDFs or Google Drive items are now all viewable inline in their native format. Make edits, leave comments directly in the Evidence, without leaving Headrush.

Assess and provide feedback side-by-side with evidence

Assessment and Feedback is now all contained within a convenient, re-sizeable sidebar so you can review evidence, assessment and feedback at the same time. In the same way, Learners can now see the assessment rubric before submitting evidence, and past assessments and feedback when viewing a task.

Quickly jump between learners and tasks

Universal task and learner navigation, featuring back / next and quick jump to any learner or task within the module.

Manage workflow with fewer clicks

Task assessments no longer have a "Finalize" or "Finalize & Complete" button. Instead, assessments are finalized and made available automatically when an advisor marks the learner's evidence as Needs Review or Complete.

Adding collaborators to evidence submission is now more obvious.

Less Clicks for Students

By popular demand, learners now have the option of turning off the confirmation and celebration on each task submission.

We've updated the language for student task submission to make options more clear - Save & Submit is now just "Submit" and Save is now "Save, Submit Later".

Return of the Activity Summary

We restored the old Activity Summary on the default Activity feed view.

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