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Less Digging and More Submitting! (Feb 2020)
Less Digging and More Submitting! (Feb 2020)

Add evidence from all projects in one place, jump to the things you need more quickly, see more right from the activity feed!

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This month's release is all about saving time with less clicking around and more quick access to the things you need to get to as a student or advisor.  Here's what we put out there for you all this month:

Easier Evidence Adding

One thing we hear from students regularly is "I'd like to be able to submit evidence for all my projects in one place".  This works nicely when students have to record a bunch of time logs or submit project evidence to tasks all at one time. So we've made that easier to do... I mean way easier:

Updated Module and Task Cards

Also to let you jump right to things you want to get to, we've updated the cards for both tasks and modules, highlighting discussions, evidence, time and other info waiting within without necessary needing to open up the card. If you do need to open it up?  Now you can jump straight to tasks, evidence, or discussions without the extra clicks...

We also added a handy, dandy time indicate so you can visually see whether a module is at the beginning, middle or nearing the close.

Enhanced Activity Feeds

Again following the theme of bringing more content up to where you need it, evidence and comment details now appear in the activity feed.  You can also do more filtering so you can focus on the activity that means the most to you:

Some other quick fixes

  • For admins: Last logged in and advisor groups are now included in the user export

  • Fixed: Official assessment date now defaults to the first day the assessment was finalized (unless otherwise set)

  • Fixed: An issue sometimes preventing a task board column to be deleted

All of the enhancements are building blocks to towards deeper insight into what has been done and what needs to be done.  Stay tuned for much more to come in the next release!

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