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Set Specific Task Expectations (March 2024)
Set Specific Task Expectations (March 2024)

More clarity in task expectations, and important updates for learners submitting evidence.

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Included in this release:

Specific Task Expectations

Clarify exactly what types of files or attachments are expected as evidence for any task. For example, specify that Google files cannot be used, or that only a photo will suffice. Learn more

Learners can now Un-submit Evidence

Before this release, by default, Learners could edit evidence only while it was In Progress -- before they Submit the evidence. When students mistakenly submit or have a minor change from a casual conversation, advisors had to intervene and change the evidence status.

Now, we've made it easier for students to make a change when something is submitted under certain circumstances. Specifically, only if the task has no due date or the due date has not yet passed, the learner will have the option to switch the task back to In Progress, make edits, and Submit again.

Once the due date has passed, the learner can no longer un-submit evidence. As an organization, you can disable this feature in the administration settings. Guide for learners

Other updates

  1. Improved handling of Google templates located on Shared Drives.

  2. You can now pick files from Shared Google Drives when picking from any Google Drive picker.

  3. Credit Dashboard printed view now works beyond page 1.

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