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The Summer of Mobile Love (July 2023)
The Summer of Mobile Love (July 2023)

We've added many mobile Headrush improvements. Also, make modules available to join only for specific groups.

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Mobile Headrush for all

As part of our Summer of Mobile Love, we've now added the ability for advisors to use Headrush on Mobile. This starts with browsing modules, sharing modules, inviting students to join modules from the palm of your hand, and more. There's more to come as we continue the season of Mobile Love!

My Modules

My Modules is now available on mobile devices! Look at your modules, the overview, and task board from your phone. Swipe between columns and view task details. This includes submitting evidence and participating in discussions.

Join Modules on Mobile

The modules which are available to join in the Warehouse are now joinable via mobile. For example, use this for events where you want everyone to join the module associated with the event plan or agenda.

Share Modules via QR Code

To make joining even easier, you can share a module with someone using a QR code from the palm of your hand. Invite a learner to join your module with your phone and their camera.

Make Modules available to Join for specific Groups

Modules that are Available to Join for learners can now be set for availability only to specific groups of learners. For example, create a module that only learners who are in the Theatre Group can join.

Admin option now available: Permit Advisors to invite new Learners to Headrush

Admins can enable Advisors to invite new Learners into Headrush. This means creating new user accounts, sending an invitation email with a link, or sharing the link via QR code or directly. Lots of options for growing your Headrush community by adding new students at any time.

Task Board, My Modules, and Warehouse performance improvements

We've done some tweaks behind the scenes that improve load times on the Task Board, My Modules, and the Warehouse, sometimes dramatically.

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