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May 17, 2018 - New User Picker and more
May 17, 2018 - New User Picker and more
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We just pushed out another Headrush release.  This one contains an all new user picker... you can now add members to your projects in bulk based on type, group and grade with ease!  Check it out:

We've also made it easier to change module and task dates.  If you change the start date of your module, we'll now prompt you to shift all the task dates accordingly.  Now if you postpone the start of a project, you won't need to change every task individually!  Check it out:

As usual, we've tweaked and fixed a bunch of stuff along the way including:

  • Task evidence is now enabled by default

  • Removing a learning target on the Overview screen will now also prompt you to remove it from the Assessment screen

  • Upcoming modules have been added to the Student card listing on the advisors' My Students tab

  • Replaced the default task on the Task Board with a graphic prompt instead so you no longer have to change or delete that default task when starting a new Task Board

  • Re-did the Change Password form so it makes more sense

  • Tweaked handling of the title when adding new tasks to save a few clicks

  • Fixed rounding of credits in Admin area

  • Click on the task count in the module listing will now take you right to the task board

  • Hide the Learning Targets tab on the Student Dashboard when Learning Targets are disabled system-wide

Hope you benefit from these latest updates... stay tuned for more to come!

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