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Finalized now truly equals Complete (Dec 2022)
Finalized now truly equals Complete (Dec 2022)

Learners and advisors can now see more accurately what modules a learner has completed.

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When advisors finalized a module assessment for a learner, the module would remain visible to that learner as active, which cluttered up their list of modules while other learners finished their work. Now, when an advisor finalizes a learner's module assessment, that module is considered complete to that learner and will show up under their completed modules in the My Modules view:

Learners retain their read-only access to the module. Learners see their finalized status when viewing the module:

Advisors can now filter out finalized learners from the Task Board Evidence view and from Task Evidence tabs, making it easier to focus on who is still working on the module:

Other updates included in this release:

  • [Improved] Relabeled task options for requiring assessments or evidence for greater clarity on what they do

  • [Improved] The Official Assessor of a module can now be updated for every learner at once via batch assess

  • [Improved] Style tweaks to module navigation to allow for display of longer titles

  • [Improved] Viewing a module from Warehouse or My Modules will no longer erase the search or filters, making it easier to preview multiple modules from the same search results

  • [Fixed] a bug with how tasks displayed total time log

  • [Fixed] Official Assessor not displayed properly if not advisor on the module

  • [Fixed] a finalized learner could post on a task discussion

  • [Fixed] issues with Past Due tasks and the learner workflow view

  • [Fixed] issue with Calendar view when previewing a joinable module learner has not joined

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