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November 14, 2018 - For the students
November 14, 2018 - For the students
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This release includes two major enhancement for students... 

#1 Editing Evidence

One of the most requested updates, students can now edit and delete evidence submissions.  This means students can fix time logged accidentally, update notes on evidence, etc themselves, all to help keep the evidence submitted an accurate reflection of their fine work. 

#2 Task Status

For tasks that are marked as "requires evidence to complete", students will now see an indicator on their task boards for Due Soon (when task due date is within 48 hours), Past Due (when the due date has passed) and Submitted (showing when evidence has been:

This is the first of many planned updates aimed at helping students always stay on track.

Also included in this release

  • Admins can now grant access for all staff to access all students (Under Global Settings)

  • Stay goodbye to our buddy Einstein, users who haven't uploaded a profile picture yet will have their initials displayed instead. A little more helpful... and a little more gender neutral. ;)

  • You can now include links in comments on the Overview screen in a module

We also included a few minor bug fixes and some label tweaks to make things more consistent.

We hope you enjoy these updates!

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