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Better views and reporting for "ongoing" modules and their assessments (Sept 2021)
Better views and reporting for "ongoing" modules and their assessments (Sept 2021)

This release contains big improvements for the Target and Credit Dashboards, reports, column copying and exports.

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In this release:

Target Dashboard / Report Updates

We have made a number of improvements that give learners and advisors more precise ways to view and report on modules that have assessments underway/started, but have not yet been finalized. This saves advisors time by eliminating the need to finalize assessments early simply to accommodate end of term reporting needs.

Here's the details of what's new:

1. "In Progress" targets have been renamed to "Active" and you can now see related modules for targets that haven't been assessed:

2. Both Credit and Target Dashboard have the option to include "Started" assessments (i.e. assessments that have not yet been finalized)

3. Relevant reports now have option to include "Started" assessments.

Prior to the release, often getting assessment data to show up in the same way was achieved by an advisor needing to finalize an assessment, run the relevant report so it's included in the report and then going back to "un-finalize" the assessment. No longer does one need to to do that as it has been solved! You can simply choose to included "Started" assessments when running your report and the report will include the necessary data.

Copy Column to New Module

We have upped our Re-mix and Re-use game once more! Now you can quickly create a whole new module out of a single column of tasks on a task board:

Also included in this release:

  • [Boosted] Significantly faster and more reliable Student Credit and Student Credit Summary exports

  • [Fixed] Comments can be made on evidence even if the task is marked as 'Complete'

  • [Fixed] Bug that occurred when editing Task Types in the admin area

  • [Fixed] Project Transcript now sorts by assessment date instead of the "mystery" sort used before

  • [Improved] Added many layout / formatting improvements to the Progress Report.

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