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View Past Assessments Inline (May 2022)

Easily reference other module and task assessments while assessing targets

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Sometimes in a competency-based model, while assessing a learning target, it's helpful to be able to reference past assessments to see whether the learner has grown in that target area compared to when they were last assessed. Now you can reference these other assessments right from the target assessment grid:

You can now also reference other task assessments while assessing a task:

Other updates includes in this release:

  • [Shaving Clicks] Clicking on the task name in the Evidence view of the task board now takes you directly to the Evidence for that task

  • [Fixed] Target browser on the Overview screen of a module sometimes show empty folders while using the "Not Assessed" filter

  • [Fixed] When removing a target from a task, sometimes a warning that past assessments exist when there weren't any.

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