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Improved content editing, online status and module templates (Apr 2020 Part 2)
Improved content editing, online status and module templates (Apr 2020 Part 2)

A new and improved content editor, better viewing of embedded content, starting from module templates and a new online status indicator!

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Updated editor and better embedded content!

Whether it's adding detail to tasks, adding resources to be referenced to be used,  posting to a task discussion, or submitted evidence, we all spend alot of time adding content to Headrush.  Today, our main content editor just got a little love, including:

  • A cleaner editing experience overall

  • Better support for tables and images

  • A number of smaller bug fixes related to the content editor

  • And for you tinkerers, a better code editor... 😎

And along with it, we've added better support for viewing embedded content!  Whereas before you could only view embedded content as a less-than-ideal postage stamp size, now you can do this...

... without leaving Headrush at all, taking embedded content from from "that's interesting" 🤔 to "ohhh yeaaah"! 🤘

Start New Module from Template

If you have a nice template (a customized task board for science experiments for example) you like to use over and over again, you can always add to the Warehouse and give it a category to make it available for others to copy and use. TODAY we just made it MUCH easier for students and advisors to kick off a new project from a template in the Warehouse by integrating into the Start New button:

Add a new template, take any module and add it to the Warehouse with a category of "Template":

Online Status

When working at a distance, we all feel a little better knowing others are out there.  Or perhaps, in a classroom setting, it's nice to a have a quick way to confirm that all present are online and in the right place.   Now you can do that more easily with the online status indicator.  Shown below, a green dot will appear beside your user icon when you are online.  It will also go orange if you are logged in but on another page/tab.

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