Learners See Current Target Assessment Status for Selected Targets

While learners are selecting targets, the assessment status is now shown for selected targets in addition to targets to be selected:

Better Date Filter

"This Year" date filter now correctly loads the current academic year instead of calendar year (provided a current academic year is found under Admin - Global Settings):

No longer using the word "Disabled" to describe a deactivated users

Users are now "Enabled" or "Deactivated" because the former term just felt... wrong.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • [Improved] We fixed up the logic for what makes an "Active" learning target + made "Active" filter on by default in learner target dashboard

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue causing the target dashboard to not always update when navigating a list of students

  • [Fixed] Fixed issue sometimes causing the learner target dashboard to be very slow

  • [Improved] Learners can now comment on evidence even if the task is considered Submitted or Complete

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused group members not to be added

  • [Improved] Multiple performance improvements for sites that have a large number of users

  • [Improved] Now student listings are now sorted in a more sensible way

  • [Improved] You will now be warned when navigating away from an unsaved comment

  • [Improved] At the result of feedback from one of our learners, the 3-2-1 countdown has now been removed when using the camera to capture evidence

  • [Improved] You can now select the correct camera if you have multiple cameras available

  • [Fixed] Email notifications are no longer sent for deactivated users

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