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Plugging holes, greasing hinges, and polishing doorknobs (Oct 2021)
Plugging holes, greasing hinges, and polishing doorknobs (Oct 2021)

This release is all about performance and polish. We hope to make your day another 5% more friction free!

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Learners See Current Target Assessment Status for Selected Targets

While learners are selecting targets, the assessment status is now shown for selected targets in addition to targets to be selected:

Better Date Filter

"This Year" date filter now correctly loads the current academic year instead of calendar year (provided a current academic year is found under Admin - Global Settings):

No longer using the word "Disabled" to describe a deactivated users

Users are now "Enabled" or "Deactivated" because the former term just felt... wrong.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • [Improved] We fixed up the logic for what makes an "Active" learning target + made "Active" filter on by default in learner target dashboard

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue causing the target dashboard to not always update when navigating a list of students

  • [Fixed] Fixed issue sometimes causing the learner target dashboard to be very slow

  • [Improved] Learners can now comment on evidence even if the task is considered Submitted or Complete

  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused group members not to be added

  • [Improved] Multiple performance improvements for sites that have a large number of users

  • [Improved] Now student listings are now sorted in a more sensible way

  • [Improved] You will now be warned when navigating away from an unsaved comment

  • [Improved] At the result of feedback from one of our learners, the 3-2-1 countdown has now been removed when using the camera to capture evidence

  • [Improved] You can now select the correct camera if you have multiple cameras available

  • [Fixed] Email notifications are no longer sent for deactivated users

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