Learner Workflow View and Calendar View

A 30 second quick look:

Read more about this feature here.

Other workflow view improvements

  • Learners can manually sort the To Do and In Progress columns to provide a simple way of managing priorities

  • More relevant sorting of Submitted, Needs Review and Complete

  • Minimize columns in the Workflow view

  • Advisors of a learner can now access the workflow view on a module whether or not they are an advisor on that module

Other improvements included in this release

  • After leaving the Dashboard and returning, be brought to the page where you left off

  • Guest Assessor is now available for all schools by default (and can be disabled an admin if desired)

  • When needed, control who the "official" assessor is on a module. This advisor will be the one associated with any credit or targets awarded as needed for any state reporting

  • Past learning target data is now importable via an admin

  • Cleaned up font styles in editor

  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented starting a new module

  • Many improvements to help speed up page loads

  • Admins can now turn on the Advisor Task Inbox - more to come on this super handy feature!

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