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Easier Evidence (Early December 2020 update)
Easier Evidence (Early December 2020 update)

Stay in the flow and submit work quickly and easily

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In this release we improved something that learners likely use every day: adding Evidence.

Now, it's easier than ever for Learners to add Evidence in Headrush, with fewer clicks and the ability to add multiple items at once. We also make draft— not yet submitted— evidence more obvious, jump directly to an exact comment from a notification, and more.

Submitting evidence is now much easier

The new Evidence view fits better on screens and makes clear how to submit each type of evidence:

Learn more about how to submit each type of Evidence.

Click Note to add a text note as evidence. The editor will appear:

In the editor, add text, add time, or add attachments. Multiple attachments can be added by dragging and dropping.

Click Time Log to record time. Note that not all Tasks require a time log.

Click Add from Drive to select folders or documents from Google Drive.

Select multiple files to add as Evidence.

Click Add from Camera to take a photo using the camera and attach it as Evidence. Note that your device must have a camera. The browser will request permission to access the camera, which must be granted for this to work.

Click Paste Link to quickly add a URL or web address to the Evidence. This is a new way to submit evidence.

Using a file explorer window, select and drag-and-drop single or multiple images or files onto this area, or click Choose Files to open a file browser and select files to add to the Evidence.

We improved some other things as well

  • Larger preview icons - better Activity Feed view of Evidence

  • Comments are now added directly to Evidence submissions

  • Comment notifications go directly to the comment made - no more hunting

  • Now more obvious when Evidence in draft has not been submitted - less chasing Learners to hit the submit button

  • Tasks with a large number of Evidence submissions now load faster

  • For Advisors: clear status on whether Evidence has been reviewed

To facilitate state reporting:

  • Student user now includes fields for gender and address

  • Advisor user now include field for staff ID

  • Global Settings include field for school ID

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