In our efforts to continually improve how we support Competency-based Education, this release contains a ton of enhancements around organizing, filtering, and improved focus on learning targets. Here's the quick summary of what is included in this release:

  1. Simplify how students and advisors find and select learning targets during planning

  2. You can now view assessed modules right from the Target Dashboard

  3. We're now supporting Target Plans to help focus learner attention on the targets most relevant to them

  4. Multiple target sets, with different competency scales for more flexible use and management of learning targets

  5. And some small but handy improvements...

Read on for more details and tutorials!

1. Improved Selecting of Learning Targets

Learners can now see and filter by their current assessment levels when choosing learning targets for a module:

Advisors can also quickly reference and filter by the assessment levels of the learners in the module:

2. Viewing Assessed Modules from Target Dashboard

Target dashboard now shows assessed modules linked to each target so you can easily view and navigate to which modules are connected to which learning target assessments.

3. Introducing Target Plans

Where before students had an all or nothing view of learning targets, Target Plans in Headrush give you the ability to create groups of different learning targets tailored individuals or groups of learners. See Target Plans in Headrush to learn more.

4. Multiple Target Sets, Different Competency Scales

We now support multiple active target sets with different competency scales - small change with big potential for you and your school... see Learning Target Sets for more details.

New Scenarios for Learning Targets

One scenario now unlocked by the multiple target sets and target plans: Project and product-specific rubrics! Learn more in the article Rubrics in Headrush.

Stay tuned for more helpful articles about how to put these new learning target features into practice.

5. And always a few little things for you...

Included in this release is a handful a small but handy improvements:

  • We now remember whether you had your sidebars opened or closed as you move from page to page - giving you more control over your screen real estate!

  • Adding credits on the assessment screen is now quicker and more intuitive (no need to click the "add" button and you can now change existing credits instead of needing to remove and re-add)

  • New reports - Progress Snapshot and Learning Target Completion

  • Improved handling of disabled users

Coming Soon

Later this month, expect a follow-up release with a focus on streamlining your user experience, including some of our most requested task and evidence features.

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