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Evidence FAQ

What is evidence? How is it managed? Where do I view it?

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Evidence documents and demonstrates learning. Evidence can be added to any Task by a Learner assigned to the Module, or on behalf of a learner by an Advisor. Advisors then review the Evidence and provide feedback.

This article collects other articles related to Evidence:

  • Can I track completion on a task without collecting evidence? [See Article]

  • How to submit Evidence and log time [See Article]

  • Can students submit evidence as a group? [Yes, here’s how...]

  • How do I see all Evidence for a Student? Two primary ways:
    (1) Evidence view on the Task board
    (2) Activity Feeds filtered to only show Evidence

  • How do I see all Evidence on a Module? [See Article]

  • How can I assess evidence on a specific task?

  • Can I set the template file I want students to use to create and submit their Evidence?
    [​Yes, here’s how...]

  • How can I mark that I viewed a particular piece of evidence?
    Advisors on any given Task card can click the ‘Mark as Viewed’ icon/link
    Note that assessing evidence on a task will also change the workflow state of that task; learn more about Task Workflow.

  • How do I see all the Tasks my advisors or teachers need me to review?

    Use the Learner Workflow View to see all tasks in all modules.

  • How do I find Evidence I have not seen/reviewed yet?
    Click the Task Board's Evidence view. Any unviewed Evidence will display a red exclamation point next to it. Click on the icon to view the task:

  • How do I remind learners to submit Evidence?
    Click on Send Reminder in the Evidence view of a Task.
    This will send a reminder notification to all learners who have not yet submitted evidence, both to their email and within Headrush, overriding their notification preferences.

Send Reminder for those who have not submitted evidence.


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