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Google Drive Files as Evidence Templates
Google Drive Files as Evidence Templates

Set expectations for learners to submit evidence using a specific Google Drive file as a template. Linking a Task to a Google Doc Copy

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Require learners to submit evidence from a copy of a Google file that you specify -- Google Doc, Google Sheet, or Google Slides.

Setting an Evidence template can be helpful when the task requires the work to be done in a specific format or with a particular starting point:

  • Responses and questions you want answered

  • Project budget spreadsheet

  • Scaffolded mind map

  • Slide expectations for a presentation

  • ...or a million other reasons to keep things consistent for speedier review.

The first time learners create evidence for the task, a copy of the template will be created automatically, the respective Task will appear as 'In Progress' for that student/team, as well as set the respective copied file's title to include the Module title, Task title and student name(s).

How to use Google Files as Templates

  1. Open any Task on any Module.

  2. Click Choose Template from Google Drive. A window will open showing your Google Drive.

  3. Search or browse to find your desired template. This can be any document, spreadsheet, or slides in Google Drive.

  4. Select the template. Headrush will display a small thumbnail of the chosen template.

  5. To remove the template and select a different doc from Google Drive, click X on the thumbnail to remove the template and repeat these steps.

Note for admins: To use this feature, enhanced Google Drive permissions must be enabled for your site under Global Settings:

Deselecting this toggle will disable the feature.

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