In Headrush, competency assessment is done for the module as a whole, via the Assessment view, and optionally for individual tasks, via Task Assessment. These task-level assessments are then summarized in the overall Module-level assessment, offering more granularity and precision in celebrating learner achievement.

How it works

At any time, any task can marked to be "Assessed" and relevant targets aligned:

After learners submit evidence to this task, it can be assessed individually through the aligned targets:

This task-level assessment will be displayed in context on the overall module competency assessment:

Setup Task Assessment

To enable task assessment, first select Assessed on the relevant Task Details:

Then, click Select Targets to choose targets. Any targets already selected will be displayed below. Click the X next to any target to remove it. Click Clear All to remove all targets from the Task. Choices made here do not affect the competencies aligned to the overall module assessment in the module Overview.

Assess Tasks

There are two places to Assess Evidence on Tasks:

  1. From the Module Task Itself

  2. From the Advisor Inbox

1) From the Module Task Itself

To assess evidence on tasks with aligned competencies, click on a given learner's evidence submission in the Evidence tab of the task:

Then, view the Evidence, and when ready, click Assessment / Feedback to open the drawer with the assessment targets:

Then, assess the evidence. Click Feedback to leave an optional comment to provide the learner with additional detail.

Then, click Needs Review to re-assign the task to the learner for additional work, or click Complete to finalize and save the assessment and mark the task as complete.

2) From the Advisor Task Inbox

Should you want to look at all Tasks within a particular Workflow status regardless of Module and across all students, the Advisor Task Inbox can help with that.

View Supporting Assessments

All the task-level assessments completed are displayed together in the overall Module Assessment, under Supporting Assessments:

Click on any listed task to open that task directly and view the assessment details.

Choices made on the overall module assessment can differ from the task-level assessments--the Advisor makes the final call.

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