Learners regularly submit Evidence to Tasks. Evidence can be a simple text comment, a document/slideshow/video/image, or a time log (if time logging is enabled).

How to add new Evidence

From the Dashboard:

Click New > Add Evidence anywhere in Headrush to start adding new Evidence.

From a Task in a Task Board:

Click on the Evidence button on the Task Card in the Task Board:

Submitting Evidence

Learn more about how to submit each type of Evidence.

Click Note to add a text note as evidence. The editor will appear:

In the editor, add text, add time, or add attachments. Multiple attachments can be added by dragging and dropping.

Click Time Log to record time. Note that not all Tasks require a time log.

Click Add from Drive to select folders or documents from Google Drive.

Select multiple files to add as Evidence.

Click Add from Camera to take a photo using the camera and attach it as Evidence. Note that your device must have a camera. The browser will request permission to access the camera, which must be granted for this to work.

Click Paste Link to quickly add a URL or web address to the Evidence. This is a new way to submit evidence.

Using a file explorer window, select and drag-and-drop single or multiple images or files onto this area, or click Choose Files to open a file browser and select files to add to the Evidence.

Learn more:

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