Learner Workflow View

Manage and view all tasks across all of a learner's modules, in one place.

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The Learner Workflow view brings together all the tasks requiring evidence across all a learner's modules, and displays them in columns based on their workflow state, saving time and making it easier to prioritize work.

Students can click Workflow in the top navigation, and can set the Learner Workflow View as their default starting page:

Advisors can see exactly what Students see in My Students by clicking on a student and clicking Workflow. This helps advisors and students support prioritization.

Key Features of the Learner Workflow View

Drag Tasks between Statuses/Columns

Tasks cards are shown in the column of their current workflow state:


In progress


Needs Review


Tasks not started.

Task being worked on.

Task being reviewed by Advisor(s).

Task needs more work after Advisor review.

Task is finished.

Students and Advisors can drag tasks between columns to change their status.

When starting a new task, drag it from To-Do to In Progress.

Drag tasks between In Progress and Submitted to submit Evidence to the Advisor(s) who are a part of the module.

If the Task requires Evidence but none has been provided, the Task

will not move.

Only Advisors can move a Task to Needs Review or Completed.

Rearrange Task Priorities

Drag tasks up and down within columns to organize tasks by priority. Keep important tasks near the top to make clear what to do next, or share with Advisors the priority of tasks.

Filter to focus on groups of Tasks

Show only Tasks which are Overdue, and not Complete

Show all tasks, the default view.

Show only tasks in modules created by you.

Show only tasks in modules created by advisors.

Add Evidence to Tasks

Click on the Evidence button on any Task to submit evidence directly.

If the task is in the Needs Review column, click the Re-submit button to re-submit evidence for advisor review.

Quickly See Overdue Tasks

When there are any overdue tasks, this button will appear:

Click [Show Me] and the Workflow View below will filter to show only those tasks which are past their due date and not submitted.

Managing Large Numbers of Overdue Tasks

It happens for a number of reasons, but regardless of why this happens a large accumulation of overdue tasks can become confusing and a distraction.

Some tips for dealing with a large number of overdue tasks:


  • Turn off "Require Evidence" for any tasks that do not require evidence to be submitted, these will be hidden from the Learner Workflow view

  • Check and update the due dates on the overdue Tasks

  • For tasks that are no longer active or relevant, change the overall Task Status from 'Open' to 'Closed'. Closed tasks will not show on the Learner Workflow view regardless of whether or not the learner completed it

  • If a module is no longer active or relevant, set the Module workflow status to Complete


Learners can edit 'Self-Managed Tasks' themselves. To easily update these tasks, first filter the Learner Workflow view by clicking on 'Self-Managed Tasks' and then:

  • Edit the due dates of those Tasks

  • On the given Task, change the overall Task Status from 'Open' to 'Closed'

  • If you are able, set the Module workflow status to Complete

For any 'Assigned Tasks' that are overdue but no longer relevant, talk to your Advisor(s) to have the task updated.


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