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Guide to Setting Up Parent/Guardian Accounts
Guide to Setting Up Parent/Guardian Accounts
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Looking to roll out Guardian accounts to parents? Feel free to reach out to us via the support chat. We'll be happy to talk you through the whole thing and discuss strategies for an effective rollout.

What Guardian Accounts Can See

Guardian accounts are connected to one or more student accounts. When connected, Guardian accounts have view only access to just about everything the student does including:

  • Dashboards

  • Modules

  • Tasks & Evidence

  • Assessments

  • Reports (limited to only reports choose to let them run)

Their view is very similar to what an advisor sees for their advisees:

If a Guardian account is connected to multiple students, they will be able to easily navigate to them all as advisors do:

Other Scenarios

Clearly, the primary use for Guardian accounts is to allow parents to better engage in their child's learning. However, there are a few other scenarios where you could consider using using Guardian accounts:

  • When you want to allow an interested outside stakeholder a view into how your school uses Headrush, i.e. by connecting them to a live or test student

  • Allow limited access to an outside support staff for a learner, such as a special needs counsellor

What To Consider/Prep Before Rolling Out Guardian Accounts

  • How do you want parents to engage in Headrush?

    • e.g. What are the most relevant sections of headrush for parents? What reports do you want them to be able to run on demand?

  • What is your communications plan for parents prior to sending out invite?

  • Staff that also have kids at the school don't need a separate Guardian account. Simply assign them the guardian role in addition to their advisor role and then you can connect them to their student just like any other Guardian account

How To Import Guardian Accounts

1 - Prepare Your Import Spreadsheet

All columns below are optional unless otherwise indicated:

Save your spreadsheet as a "Comma Separated Values" (CSV) file

2 - Import Guardian accounts

3 - Send Invites

After import:

OR select and send:

Here's the whole process in 90 seconds:

How To Create Guardian Accounts Manually

Like any other account type, you can also create Guardian accounts manually:

1. Get starting by clicking "New User":

2. Choose the "Guardian" role and fill in the other info as needed:

When finished, click Add.

3. Now you can choose a student to assign to this Guardian account:'

4. Once you've selected and added the correct student(s), you can send an invite directly from here:

The guardian will receive an invite by email and can activate their account!

Here it is, all together:


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