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Parent/Guardian Frequently Asked Questions
Parent/Guardian Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions parents/guardians may ask about Headrush

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Headrush is a web-based Learning Management serving innovative, learner-centered schools across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Thailand.

Headrush allows for more granular tracking of student learning, more student voice and choice in how students demonstrate learning, and more whole-student ways to report progress.

Your school may have provided access to Headrush to view student activity, projects, tasks, and reports through the Guardian Portal:

The Guardian Portal will allow you to see all the details of your child's progress at any time. Below, find answers on how to help your child use Headrush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions parents new to Headrush often ask:

Where do I start to quickly learn more?

This video describes generally how a student will interact with Headrush. Please keep in mind, your child's school may have specific processes that differ.

View additional brief video clips on our video clip gallery page, or dive deeper in our Help Center Tutorials.

How can I see what my child has done?

There are many ways to see what your child has been doing in Headrush. The first is the Activity view. This view includes a chronological history of all your child's activity. Click on an item to view additional details.

To see what your child is currently working on, click My Modules. This will show a list of your child's current activities. Click to view a module and its Task Board.

To see how your child is progressing towards Learning Targets (and possibly Credits) click Learning Targets (or Credits.)


  • Not every school utilizes these features fully. Talk with your child's school if there are any discrepancies in what you see versus what you expect.

  • Some schools change the label of 'Learning Targets' to something else, such as Standards or Competencies.

  • Not all schools use the Credit Dashboard, so it may not be visible or may be represented as the unofficial record of earned credits.

How can I see what my child needs to do?

The Student Calendar and Workflow show tasks your child has coming up. The calendar view is the default start page for students in Headrush, and can be accessed by clicking Dashboard.

Click into individual modules to see the Task Board:

Those tasks may be information, a reminder, require your child to submit Evidence, or have an expectation to participate in an online discussion. There is an endless variety of tasks.

Where does my child submit their work or update their progress?

Assignments, project work or other forms of your child's school work is all referred to as "Evidence" in Headrush. Many tasks will require that evidence be added / submitted in order to complete the tasks.

Evidence can easily to added to a task from either:

1) Bright green New button at the top of your child's screen when they log in:

2) Evidence button on a task:

How do I see due dates? How are they set?

Due dates may be set on a Task, but are not required. The student's overall calendar and the calendar within a Module's Task Board will display Tasks based on their due date.

Tasks without due dates appear as not scheduled in the calendar view:

Many Tasks may be progressing along the following workflow:


In progress


Needs Review


The Learner has not started working on the Task or Evidence.

The Learner is working on the Evidence.

The Learner has formally submitted the Evidence for review by the Advisor.

The Advisor has returned the Evidence to the Learner for further work or review.

The Evidence has been marked Complete.

Tasks may not have due dates initially, but may get them as students progress in their work.

How can I access feedback from the advisor?

Feedback on Tasks can be viewed in a list on the Activity tab for a student or within a Module.

Feedback provided at the Module level can be viewed on the Assessment tab within a Module.

Where do I find my child's 'grades' and overall progress?

PLEASE NOTE: Schools use Headrush to better track and communicate student learning. You may be looking for a traditional grade and not finding it. We'd argue (as would much research on the topic) that better accounting for what a student learns and how they are learning it better serves the student, both short and long-term.

Your child's overall progress:

In a report

on Learning Targets. Click on any target to view additional details.

on the Credit Dashboard (note: may not be used by your school)

Within a Module on the Module Assessment Tab\

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