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Invite New Learners to Headrush
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You can invite students into Headrush, creating their accounts, and at the same time associating them with your account.

Likewise, you can create groups to organize students the way that it best suits you.

Start at My Students:

Review the students associated with you. If you are not associated with any students, you will be prompted to create a new group:

Otherwise, you will see the students associated with you:

To invite new students to Headrush, create or edit a Group. Click + to create a new Group, or click the gear to edit the current group:

Add students to your group:

Create a new Group

Click + to create a new group.

Give the group a name. Once you enter a name, you can save the group. If you want to invite students with a QR code or link, save the group and copy the link or code:

Invite students from a spreadsheet or list

Now click Invite New to add new students to Headrush.

If you have a spreadsheet of students, you can upload it, or paste in a list of names and email addresses:

Click Preview Import to see the list and make sure everything is in order:

Click Go Back to make changes. Click Import, and Headrush will create the students accounts.

Click through the list of emails to preview how the email invitation will look.

Click Email Invitations and Headrush will send the invitations as shown to the students.

Click Share Invite Link Myself to see options for sharing the invitation with students directly:

Once you have send the invitations, or chosen to share the link or QR code yourself, click Done. The group dashboard will be displayed with the newly-invited and added students:

The students will receive an email with a link to click to accept the invitation.

Click Re-send Invite to re-send invitations to any students who have not yet logged in. Once the students have accepted the invitation, their card will update to display their activities.

Switch between groups listed in My Students. Click the gear ⚙️ to change the group’s membership or invite new students to an existing group. Click the trash can to delete the group. Deleting a group does not delete the students themselves, only the group.

Invite a single student

Follow the steps to Invite Students from a List, and enter only one student's information.

Add students who already have a Headrush account

If you know the students already use Headrush or if you have previously invited them but want to add them to a new Group, click Add Existing.

Search for names or use the filter to choose students. Add them to the group. Click Save. Those students are now added to the group.

Share a QR Code and let students join by phone

You can display a QR Code on a projector screen, or print it, and students can join the group using their phone's camera. Click Show Join Code in the group editor:

Headrush will display the QR Code:

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