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Manage the day-to-day

Communicate, update, and manage participants and projects at a glance with Headrush.

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Headrush can help you keep tabs on what your students and collaborators are doing. It's also a situational tool to simplify the day-to-day moments, like presenting a new project. Here are some of the ways you can use Headrush to save time in those moments.

How to look at My Modules

👉 If you don't have any modules started yet, get some started--then come back and read on.

My Modules is where you can manage and view all the projects you are involved with. These could be adult collaborations with other specialists and affiliate staff or projects and learning activities with students. Click into any module to view the Overview and Task Board. To find out what has been happening, check out the module's Activity Feed.

⚡️ Use the Search to find any of your modules

⚡️ Use Filter by Status to focus on what is

How to look at My Students

👉 If you don't have any students yet, add some first--then come back and read on.

My Students is where you keep tabs on your students. Each student's card is populated with their most recent activities. Click on any student to see greater details, view their projects, and more.

Focus on a student's activity by clicking on their card or their name in the list, then clicking on their Activity:

⚡️ Quickly flip between students by clicking on their names in the list

⚡️ Click on Modules while looking at a student to see their modules

Present using Headrush

Many Specialists have used Headrush itself to present a project, saving themselves the time of making slides by hand. Here's how to use Headrush as a presentation tool:

  1. Start in My Modules

  2. Click on the Module

  3. Click on the Task Board

  4. Click on the Task you want to present

  5. Make the task Full Screen

  6. Click on the arrows to go to the next or previous task while keeping the Task open

In this way you can quickly walk through the entire project from one place.

Print a Module

You can export a module as a PDF, and then print it. From within a module, use the quick access menu at the top:

When browsing modules in My Modules or the Warehouse:

# # #

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