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Centralize information and collect submissions from your team
Centralize information and collect submissions from your team
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Why in Headrush?

  • Reduce email back and forth by centralizing information

  • Establish a one-stop shop for information to keep team members up to date

Who does what?

Affiliates: Module Creators and Advisors
Specialists: Module Students

How to do this in Headrush?

Start a new Module of type “Event” or copy an example

☐ Title it for your event

☐ Add event details to the Overview (optional)

☐ Build out your Task Board

☐ Add columns for times, phases, steps, locations (or anything else you need)

☐ Add tasks for information, actions to take, or conversations to have

☐ If you need to organize files and collect materials, set the Task to require Evidence

☐ Hide columns until they are ready to be shared (optional)

☐ In the Overview, add others who are planning events as Creators

☐ Change status to Active

☐ Manage and track in the Task Board and Activity Feed

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