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Starting Points

Elevate career association, get and share industry knowledge, find out who is hiring, or start from scratch.

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You can build a module from scratch, or start from a copy of a template or an example.

Start from a Template

Elevate your Career Association

Collaborate and plan events with pre-made templates infused with the collective know-how of JAG.

Get Industry knowledge

Access detailed background information on industries and provide participants with points of entry into each industry.

Find out who is hiring

Scan the constantly updated and centralized list of real employment opportunities to share with Participants.

Co-design an IDP

Work with Participants to create individual development plans (IDPs) that showcase achievement.

Start from Scratch

Headrush includes a variety of module starting points that make starting from scratch even easier. To start a new module from scratch, click:

The menu gives brief explanations for each type of module you can create. Click on the module you want to create.

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