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Add learners to your module

Design activities as much as you want, and when you are ready, add learners to get started.

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There are three roles that can be played in the context of a module:

  • Learners participate in the Module, submit evidence, post discussions, and revise their work when requested but cannot change the structure of the module or its contents.

  • Advisors can see the activity of all the learners, provide feedback and assess learner work.

  • Creators can design the module, change the layout of the Task Board, and have ultimate control over the module. If someone is a Creator they are also able to do all that an Advisor can do.

Note that students can be creators on a module, just as adult teachers can be learners. It all depends on the context and purpose of the module.

There are two ways to add learners to your module. You can specifically add the learners by selecting them from a list, or choose a group of learners. Or, you can make the module so it is Available to Join. The module can be made available for all your learners or a specific group or groups.

Note: Learners in this case can be students and participants, or adult peers who are acting as learners in the context of the module.

Specify Learners

If you know who you will be working with on the module, you can add them specifically as Learners.

  1. Go to the Module Overview

  2. Click on Who's Involved

  3. Click on the + next to Learners

You can select learners by name, or choose a group to pick from, in the popup. You can also remove learners from the module here.

  1. Enter names in the Search Name box.

  2. Click the [+] button next to a learner's name to add them to the list on the left

  3. Click DONE when finished

Make Module Available to Join

You can also set the module so that Learners can discover it in the Warehouse, and join it themselves. They can also join the module via QR Code or with a shareable link.

  1. Toggle Make Module Available to Join

  2. Optionally set availability dates. The module will only be joinable between those dates.

  3. Specify Who can join. Click into the box and type to search for the names of specific groups. The box will suggest matching groups.

  4. You can Allow module to be copied by learners, in which case learners with appropriate permissions can make a copy of the module as well as joining it.

Make the Module Active

Modules won't be seen by learners until you set the module's Status to Active:

When the module is Active, it will appear in My Modules for each learner. Tasks with due dates will also appear in the learner's Calendar.

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