Manage and run local, regional, or state events

Plan and manage events, student submissions and judging

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Why in Headrush?

  • Centralize all information for state team and specialists--reduce confusion and email back-and-forth

  • Simplify collection and tracking of information from students and specialists

  • Dramatically simplify competitions including collecting feedback from judges

  • Start from a template

Who does what?

  • Creator: An affiliate, manager or affiliate administrator

  • Advisor: An affiliate, manager or affiliate administrator

  • Learners: Participants and/or Specialists

Plan the Event

Use Headrush to design, plan and manage the event beforehand, keeping everyone involved up to date and informed. In the Warehouse, find templates for design and planning a variety of statewide events:

Copy a template, or design your event from scratch. The Task Board makes organizing, planning and communications visual and simple:

An initiation ceremony event planning template organized in columns of tasks

During the Event and Managing the Event

Specialists submit on behalf of students

Specialists can upload evidence on behalf of students for judges to review.

Planning amongst the affiliate team

Headrush can also be used as a planning tool to manage the event, track details, and keep the event planning team in sync.

Example Timetable - Statewide CDC Event

July: Build out Module in Headrush

September: Add Specialists to Module

November: Check in on status

January - February: Open for Submissions

April: Review submissions and judge them

How to manage an event

☐ Start a new Module to manage the event

☐ Title it for your event, so it's easy to find.

☐ Add the event details to the Overview (optional)

☐ Build out your Task Board

☐ Add column

☐ Add tasks

☐ Change tasks to require evidence or not

☐ Hide columns not ready to be shared yet

☐ Add co-creators -- these are the other people able to make changes to the task board and overview

☐ Change status to Active

☐ Manage and track in the Task Board

☐ Post/update information on Tasks

☐ Collect information from participants, including submissions

☐ Add Task discussion posts to clarify questions that arise

☐ Use the Activity Feed to stay aware of changes in realtime

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