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A Day in the Life of an Advisor in Headrush
A Day in the Life of an Advisor in Headrush

Starting points to leverage in Headrush to better serve the multiple roles of an advisor in Headrush

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Advisors in Headrush often play multiple roles and wear several hats. However, not all advisors are all roles and those that do play certain roles, don't play them all the time. Nevertheless, naming these roles and understanding how Headrush supports these roles helps one learn the platform more effectively as well as save time in day to day activities.

More specifically, sometimes advisors will:

  • Design a Learning Experience for Students — Create a Module

  • Focus on the Modules they are running.— Start at 'My Modules'

  • Review the whole of a student— Zoom to a Student

  • Serve as a project advisor/coach to a student or team— Filter 'My Modules'

  • Scan activity across a group of students— Start at 'My Students'

  • Validate and assess as content an area specialist— Start at the 'Task Inbox'


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